About Me

What is Paint Kitchen?

Paint Kitchen is a new creative arts service, offering practical workshops to suit your needs. Designed and run by Patricia Carter (that’s me – pleased to meet you!), it’s a fun way to get together and do something amazing, and better still, the materials I use are all eco-friendly.

Paint Kitchen offers people the experience of working with paint and other resources and achieving confidence and new skills through positive painting sessions.

If you want to book a mindful painting session for five learners in Blackburn, for example, we will work with you to find a location, provide the materials and deliver the session to you at as low a price as possible. The more learners who book on, the more the price can come down, so it’s always a good idea to get a few buddies together when you enquire about a booking.

Many of Paint Kitchen’s workshops will be posted as pre-planned events, so look out for posters showing the dates, venue and name of them.

I am a fully qualified professional in the subjects that I deliver, with a BA Honours degree, formal teaching qualifications and over ten years of experience in both teaching and working in the creative arts industries, and I am pretty confident that you will get lots of fun and learning in at my workshops.

Perhaps you’d like a ‘chalk and cheese’ evening for a few friends, where you can sample some local produce and learn how to chalk paint at the same time! I can make that happen. Book Paint Kitchen for a few hours of creativity before you go out for a meal with friends or treat your pals to a place on one of my pre-planned sessions as a birthday gift or special surprise. I can work with groups sized between two and ten, depending on what you need to learn and where you would like to do it. I now offer baby shower and gifting workshops where you can create a personalised christening/wedding/engagement gift for your friends.

It’s free to enquire, so pop me an email, use the contact form or sign up to my mailing list to find out what I am up to, and get all the latest from Paint Kitchen.

Thanks for reading, and hope to meet you soon!

Patricia Carter.